George W. came to us from a litter from a couple of stray cats found at my mothers house. George is not your typical cat. He is a lover not a fighter.. with a siamese mouth crying for attention and loving the human touch more than any filled food bowl. There is a story here... About a little over a year ago, George came down with cancer in the right side of his mouth, we had it surgically removed and close to a month later I was told I had cancer in the same side of my mouth and I had it removed by MOHS surgery. George unfortunately had his cancer come back so we laid him to rest... I will miss him..

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George W.(aka dubby) just lying around, until I can get into something.
now if I could just look in the mirror I could see how handsome I really am.
Just a closeup picture of George W. at the sink.

Dubby our Laz - Y - Boy
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